REAL After School Activities

Our mission is to provide our school and local community with creative, intellectual and active opportunities for development and growth. We endeavour to use the school’s facilities and the community’s expertise to the fullest extent in order to bring the school’s mission and beliefs to life. We support the members of the FIS community in following their passions, developing new interests, and sharing their expertise with others. We believe that a robust extra-curricular program supports the development of balanced, life-long learners.

REAL Offerings

Both of our campuses offer a wide variety of student and adult courses.

Each term, we publish an online brochure with comprehensive information about each course. Then, course registration opens for a 5-day period, allowing students and parents to sign up for courses. Although classes are almost always able to accommodate all registrants, availability is limited to a first-come, first-serve basis.

Term 2 Courses end9 March 2018
Term 3 Course Brochure posted online2 February 2018
Term 3 Registration (online via Veracross)28 February - 3 March
Term 3 Courses begin19 March 2018
Term 3 Courses end8 June 2018

REAL Term 3 Course Offerings

Links to the Term 3 course catalogs are posted below. Term 3 registration will begin on Wednesday, 28 February at 19:00, and will take place within Veracross.

Oberursel Campus Offerings

Wiesbaden Campus Offerings

Kids Club

Kids Club is a REAL program that offers childcare for a minimal fee for students up to Grade 5 on both the Oberursel and Wiesbaden Campuses. It is an ideal choice for students who need to stay at school a bit longer or before/after a REAL After School Activity.

Parents are required to sign-up for this service. Contact information for Kids Club is:

ABC Saturday Sports

The Athletic Booster Club's (ABC) Saturday Sports program is run by parent volunteers and offers weekend sports opportunities in the fall (soccer), winter (basketball) and spring (baseball) for children age 4 years to Grade 5. For complete details on this program, please visit the ABC Saturday Sports page.

Weekend and Holiday Offerings

In addition to regular After School Activities, the REAL program also offers weekend and holiday activities including:

  • Jr. Warriors Sport Camp
  • Grade 6-12 Ski Trip
  • Basketball Camp

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