REAL Activities Program

Welcome FIS Community!

Thank you for your interest in the REAL activities program. If you are new to Frankfurt International School, our after-school activities program is commonly referred to as the REAL activities program (REAL - Recreation, Enrichment and Learning). The REAL activities program is your gateway to a wide range of activities, clubs, camps and school trips. The program provides FIS students and community members an opportunity to explore and pursue different pathways toward their interests, as well as extend their knowledge beyond the regular school day.

If you are a returning family, welcome back! We are currently in the process of making some changes to our program based on your feedback, thank you. Throughout the year we will continue to adapt the program to meet your needs and are excited to share these new developments with you.

Within the REAL activities program we are beginning to actively develop an Academy program that will allow your child an opportunity have a deeper and richer learning experience at FIS. As we develop these, we still believe our program is driven by the community. Please feel free to continue to contact us to share positive experiences, ideas and thoughts about where there is a need for new programing.

Our program runs three separate terms per year; each is approximately 8-10 weeks in length. We publish an online brochure with comprehensive information about each course for each term. All registration and specific course information is found in the registration section.

FIS Academies at a glance

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our school and local community with creative, intellectual and active opportunities for development and growth. We endeavor to use the school’s facilities and the community’s expertise to the fullest extent in order to bring the school’s mission and beliefs to life. We support the members of the FIS community in following their passions, developing new interests, and sharing their expertise with others. We believe that a robust extra-curricular program supports the development of balanced, life-long learners.

Art Academy

Our Arts and Crafts section generally consists of classes that require the participant to develop certain skills to create something, usually from scratch.

Classes can include primary art, drawing, painting, cooking skills and culinary arts, learning how to play traditional and non-traditional games, as well as sewing and stitching classes.

Language Academy

The FIS Language Academy offers language courses for non-native and native language speakers. All courses are designed and delivered by experienced language specialists to support the development of all learners. All courses are designed to be age appropriate for the participants.

Performing Arts Academy

Our Performing Arts classes provide our students the opportunity to learn ways to better express an opinion, emotion or feeling through means of performance.

These classes have included dancing, poetry, public speaking, magic or illusion, mime, singing, theatre, and music lessons.

For families seeking more information regarding FIS whole-school performances, dance and music programs, and private music lessons, please contact Rita Merrick at

Sport and Wellness Academy

The REAL Activity program is committed to providing opportunities for students and staff – and the wider school community – to participate in physical and well-being activities. We aim to provide opportunities that empower participants to pursue a lifetime of activity.

Our Sports, Games and Health activities range from social sport to health and fitness, and almost everything in-between.

STEM Academy (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics)

STEM classes can be as broad as the acronym. We like to think of each activity within the category as an opportunity for our participates to learn and push innovation to the next level by challenging their thinking process by solving problems with creativity.

Kids Club

Kids Club is a REAL program that offers childcare for a minimal fee for students up to Grade 5 on both the Oberursel and Wiesbaden Campuses. It is an ideal choice for students who need to stay at school a bit longer or before/after a REAL After School Activity.

Parents are required to sign-up for this service. Contact information for Kids Club is

REAL Program By the Numbers

Primary School
Alfred-Lechler-Str. 10
61440 Oberursel, Germany
+49 (0) 6171-2024-500
Elementary/Upper School
An der Waldlust 15
61440 Oberursel, Germany
+49 (0) 6171-2024-0
Wiesbaden Campus
Rudolf-Dietz-Str. 14
65207 Wiesbaden, Germany
+49 (0) 6127-9940-0
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