Service Learning

Service learning is an integral part of the FIS community and curriculum, and provides authentic learning experiences that help our students grow into adaptable, socially responsible global citizens. Projects at FIS support both the local community and people around the globe.

We believe that everyone has a responsibility to contribute positively to society and the environment, and our students take great pride in their service work – learning along the way that they can have a positive impact in our world.

While many of the school's service learning projects have been active in the school for years FIS also supports new student initiatives each year that may respond to a current crisis or support student passions to make a difference in the local community or the world.

Student groups are supervised by faculty sponsors and all associated fundraising is deposited and monitored by the school’s accounting office. The major event of fundraising for many of the groups is the Applefest celebration that takes place at FIS each fall with games and booths operated by student groups.

To learn more about the school's service groups, see the section below.

Clean Water Initiative

Established: 2016

Mission: The Clean Water Initiative aims to improve the quality of life of underprivileged people in impoverished societies. We will achieve this through providing sustainable water sources and sanitation, laying the foundation which helps enable a community to prosper.

About: CWI is a newly founded group of students who work to raise awareness as well as provide direct help to those in need of water and sanitation by sponsoring projects in these areas. We work collaboratively with middle schoolers for whom the water crisis is a part of the curriculum.

Duke of Edinburgh International Award

Established: 2016

Mission: “There is more in you than you think,” is the International Award motto. At FIS we demonstrate this as we learn new skills, developing intellect and curiosity, strengthening our self confidence, resilience, initiative, and independence as we design and manage our own program. We constantly test ourselves against this through the completion of the skill, physical, service commitments and final expedition.

About: The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award is the world’s leading youth achievement award, currently operating in over 130 countries and territories. By creating opportunities for young people to develop skills, get physically active, give service and experience adventure, the Award can play a critical role in their development outside the classroom. It also allows students achievements to be consistently recognized worldwide, giving young people unique international accreditation of their experiences, valued by employers and universities.

Girl Up

Established: 2015

Mission: Girl Up is a campaign of the United Nations Foundation, which aims to help impoverished adolescent girls by providing them with access to education, health services and leadership opportunities.

About: FIS students work to raise awareness and funds to help support girls in third-world countries with opportunities surrounding security, safety, health and education. The group also aims to empower girls in their local community to discuss and tackle female issues. Events include advocacy campaigns such as Food for Facts, Awareness Days, a Charity Fashion Show, and guest speakers. All proceeds from fundraising events are donated to the United Nations for girls in third-world countries.

HIV/AIDS Awareness Group

Established: 2011

Mission: The HIV/AIDS Awareness Group’s mission is to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS throughout the students and staff at FIS and educate students and teachers about HIV/AIDS throughout schools in Africa.

About: The group works in collaboration with service groups in Africa including the Kalahari Experience to improve the education of the students and teachers about HIV/AIDS in the Kalahari. Every year on 1 December the group celebrates World Aids Day, in which further fundraising and spreading awareness activities are held.

Kalahari Education Experience Project (KEEP)

Established: 1991

Mission: KEEP's mission is to work together with educators and local communities to inspire, motivate and empower students to reach their potential through teaching, advocacy and the provision of necessary resources and support.

About: FIS students and teachers work in collaboration with schools from around the world that are committed to enhancing and sustaining the education of the people in the Moshaweng Valley of South Africa, as well as developing the character of participants to grow into socially responsible global citizens.

Oceans Aware

Established: 2016

Mission: To educate people and ultimately spread awareness about the problems that are occurring in the ocean and the problems concerning marine life.

About: FIS Students can give presentations concerning marine issues that trouble them the most, whether it's ocean pollution, coral bleaching or the endangerment of countless marine species.

Operation Smile

Established: 2013

Mission: Operation Smile mobilizes a world of generous hearts to heal children's smiles and transform lives across the globe. We believe that all children deserve to live their lives with dignity. And for those suffering from cleft lip, cleft palate or other facial deformities, dignity begins with a smile.

About: Student supporters of this group organize campus activities to raise both awareness and funds for the project, knowing that their hard work will ultimately help deliver safe, effective surgery and related medical care directly to children around the globe.

Nepalese Children's Home

Established: 2003

Mission: The Nepalese Children’s Home works to provide a high standard of care and education to impoverished children in Nepal, enabling them to rise from the trap of generational poverty and the caste system.

About: Supporters of the Nepalese Children's Home have an enormous impact on saving lives and rescuing children from poverty. The group supports two homes in Nepal – one for impoverished children, the other for children who suffer from muscular dystrophy. The group also helps provide education and aid to poor families, the disabled and elderly. The Service Learning group recently earned the highest commendation for excellence from the government's child welfare office.

Poland Drive

Established: 1995

MIssion: With the motto "Everybody deserves a chance," the Poland Drive service group is dedicated to supporting a children's home in Poland through fundraising campaigns and a bi-annual visit.

About: In its early years, the Poland Drive project focused on working with the Odrodzeni Foundation, which supports mothers and their children. But since 2009, the focus of the project has shifted to a children's home in Kolackovo. Students involved in the Poland Drive hold fundraisers throughout the year to purchase items needed by the children's home and then travel to Poland to deliver them and work with the children they are helping support. Fundraising activities include bake sales, clothing collections, and hosting a booth during the school's annual Applefest celebration.

Wilderness International (WIN)


2009 (At FIS)

Mission: Wilderness International is a global service group, which aims to help conserve the steadily decreasing unique Cowichan culture by saving the rainforests of Vancouver Islands, where they are based.

About: This environmental service project focuses on saving the Canadian rain forest on Vancouver Island by protecting one classroom-sized piece of land at a time. Each spring, FIS students participate in a Walk for the Wild event, which raises both awareness and funds for the Wilderness International Network.

Students in Action

Some of the ways students' Service Learning comes to life is captured in the pages of our school's magazine, FIS World.

Kalahari Project

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Vision for India

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