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As an international school of more than 60 nationalities, we believe that individuals from all backgrounds should live together in peace, respecting the rights and freedoms of every individual and nation. We are all citizens of the world and therefore, an infringement upon world peace, is an infringement upon our shared home. 
Frankfurt International School joins others from around the world to share our wish for peace and to support those impacted by the situation in Ukraine.
To address some of the pressing needs that have arisen due to this crisis, we have compiled a number of resources below. Please read on to learn more about ways in which you can help.
Illustration of hand holding a heart with sun rays coming from behind it
Join FIS' Support Efforts

As FIS responds to needs both here in our local area and beyond, community members are invited to participate by bringing needed items into school.

 A list of items, as well as the collection points, will be updated as needed within this section.



Illustration of student sitting at desk working on computer
Support Incoming Ukrainian Students

FIS is currently working with German authorities and other organizations to facilitate schooling options for children who have been forced to flee their homes and country due to the situation in Ukraine. 

If you would like to support our efforts, you can do so by giving to the FIS Annual Fund, referencing "Ukrainian Student Support" in your donation. 


Illustration of easel with paintbrush and a mountain scene with sunshine
Create "Art for Peace in Ukraine"

The Pechersk School International (PSI) in Kyiv has launched a global, student-driven movement called "Art for Peace in Ukraine" in which anyone can create and share their own piece of art to reflect what peace means to them. Further details on the initiative, including how to share, can be found here.



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Donate to a Relief Organization

Whether supporting a global organization like the Red Cross or relief efforts on a local level, any contribution can help mitigate the impact of those suffering. Please see the drop-down menu below for a list of organizations currently providing support to those affected by the crisis in Ukraine.


Illustration of globe with olive branches on either side
Practice Peace

As people around the world suffer from the impacts of conflict, let us keep them in our hearts and minds while we support one another in our own community, and continue working toward a more peaceful world, both in our words and our actions.




On behalf of FIS, I want to share our wish for peace and our concern for those around the world who may be suffering as the result of conflict and injustice. It is instances like these that call us all to reflect on the values that our FIS community holds most important, including our belief that "open-mindedness, empathy and compassion are essential for living in a diverse community."  

Dr. Paul M. Fochtman

FIS Head of School